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Go Ge Capital , 5.0 out of 10 based on 116 ratings


  1. mymeanmeak says:

    Hi there, nice blog!
    Maybe you can help me?
    Where i can see my accounts on gogecapital.com?

  2. Johnny Zukerman says:

    How to Make a Payment to GE Bank?

    • admin says:

      GoGeCapital online payments can be made easily. However, before you try pay your bill call to support center or read more information about how to open GoGeCapital account. If you have account go to GoGeCapital.Com bill pay member area and pay your bill.

      • Walter Kempton says:

        I been paying $100.00 on my67 account since June, but yet you send me late notices and also late fees. Please do what you can to update my account.

  3. Mark Collins says:

    In respose to the letter I received, my home address is
    116 1/2 Grove St
    Vernon, Ct 06066

    The 1/2 must be included or The Post Office will not
    deliver mail. Sorry for any mix up.

  4. cheryl beauford says:

    Wouold like to apply for a pandora account

  5. michael jones says:

    i would like information on why i have a past due amount when i set up automatic draws from my checking account that have been taken out for last 3 months in which brought my account current!

  6. admin says:

    Is all possible – please contact online customer gogecapital.com services.

  7. Thomas Barrow says:

    I can’t seem to find how/where I set up my account for making payments on line. I get to the make payments page and a “third party” payment center comes up.

    • I recently made a purchase and it is billed through Ge Capital Retail Bank. I would like to set up automatically payments each month to avoid paying any interest or penaltys, but cannot figure out how to do this. My first payment is due on October 2nd and I do not want to be late.

      Kidly either call me at **-432-***, or email me with detailed instructions on setting monthly payments.\


      J. Greenberg

  8. Dawn Barker says:

    Be very careful of autopay!!! I hit the wrong button. Now my checking account is over drawn and I will have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get a check!!!! I will NEVER use GE Capital again!!!!

  9. Jean Prinston says:

    I think sleepy matress company service is not giving costomer an easy access to the costomers to pay their bills.And they will be charged for late fee,i really regretted that i bought a mattress from sleepys.

  10. Walter Kempton says:

    why is this company not using their phone set-up properly? I called there and talked to an agent and was told my late charges would be credited back to me, since I been paying more, and earlier than I am suppose to right from my credit union? Please get my account up to date……………….

  11. ed dellipoali says:

    G E Capital credit is a huge rip-off. with a 1700 balance i have been hit with 2 bullcrap promotional expiration interest charges of almost 300. thats just last 2 months. thats 20% interest for the year in 2 months. DO NOT USE THIS CARD

  12. Linda Boutte says:

    GE Capitol should let people know up front that you charge a “big” fee for online bill pay. I went to the end of bill pay and when I found out you charged a fee,I wanted to delete. You didn’t leave the option to delete the payment. :( I had to send the payment with a large fee. NO MORE though.


  13. Rosemary Totty says:

    Called in to make phone payment. Phone would not take payment. Waited 18 minutes to talk to customer service
    person who told me they would charge me 10.00 to process my
    payment. She ask if I had internet access to gogecapital.com Went there to make payment and they wanted to charge me 20.60 to make a payment. This is crazy. The weird thing is I paid it by phone last month
    no problem and received a confirmation in the mail. Now
    they don’t want to take my money unless they can charge me
    for it. This is crazy.

  14. Rose Marie Cruz says:

    Just listened to “several” messages from your company. I have been away with entertainment company. Back two days and leaving tomorrow a.m. (6:30a.m.) flight. Kindly contact me on cell: 805-886-5189 as of Friday, August 23rd.

    I have made August payment as of 8/6/13, Confr. #0660. Amount paid $175.00 over phone with GE Rep. Have also received you letter on confirmation.

    Rose Marie Cruz

  15. Thomas Henes says:

    Your called my home while I was gone

    I returned your call but no answer.

    What’s problem?



  16. ralph snyder says:

    How do I change the bank account my monthly payments are coming out of. Closing the current account and need to update my information.

  17. barbara says:

    please i need help.i am buy furniture rooms to go…..
    i want send bill but I cant find any address(GE Capital retail bank)
    thank you.
    barbara FL.

  18. Sandra Saffert says:

    I am trying to set my account online with you. But I can’t find where you can get register.

  19. tammy says:

    what is the phone number to make payment by phone

  20. sharon clift says:

    I’ve been trying to get my account online, like I pay all of my other’s,, try paying off. I get it all filled out till my birthdate, then, it won’t let me go any further, have to call GE capital, then they have you call something else, I called, it said, there was a code on there that I was filling BK. I said, I am not, if I was, why did you give me an credit increase, and why am I try to make extra payments, have wrote them and called several times. No luck. Lausy company, ran poorly,

  21. Tony S says:

    How do I stop your bloody recorded phone calls for someone who doesn’t live here? I’m not signing in to your consumer center. I’ve already given you more information than you should have.

  22. john coffey says:

    I pay $100 on my bill electronically through my Bank bill pay 01 Nov and I get a nasty letter dated 05 Nov telling me I am late. The bill is not due until the 17th Nov. for $39. Come on get your &%$* together.
    The Phone number in you letter was for Cricket phones?
    Can’t find a phone # or email address for you on your web site. You charged me a late fee for the same thing last month. #ending in 0475.

  23. john coffey says:

    Jerk, get an email address and phone #

  24. Joyce LEE says:

    I am retired, so I pay all my bills the first of the month, the bill is due the last of the month, and paying more than was due, I was charged a late fee for paying ahead of time so watch out for that, I was never late! So watch that you don’t get penalized for being early.( I now don’t pay the bill till I get it, then I pay it at the store, or pay by check, that way I have a receipt in Had

    • Linda says:

      Thanks Joyce for the info. I have just recently made a purchase at a local furniture store and was planning to do what you were doing.
      After reading SO MANY people TRYING to pay their bill, I’m seriously thinking of returning the whole deal.
      My credit is perfectly fine and I see no reason to put up with these non-professional jokers!

  25. barbara says:

    por favor quisiera que me ayuden a efectuar mi pago directo. ya que no tengo tiempo, y habeses se me olvida y tengo que estar corriendo, como debo hacer, gracias

  26. robert esker says:

    Please call me as I made a mistake on your bill pay website 217-821-2050

  27. Michael Denbow says:

    Need to talk to a live person.

  28. Marilyn Welch says:

    Hi, I got a call about my GE account. I recently took out this account – but I havn’t received any information about my payment. I called the 1-800-355-5443 number this morning – but it’s a recording and the only options was to make a payment, make a payment in the next 3 days, or made a payment in the last 3 days.

    I want to make a payment – but again, I’ve not received a bill or statement.

    Thanks for your help.

    Marilyn Welch

  29. Sandra Anders says:

    Boy, you sure make it hard to get to your website. We just purchased from Rooms to Go and I wanted to set up our account so we can pay online. All I found was this site and it seems to be for paying the bill (I didn’t go there as I haven’t set up our account yet) and a place to make comments. Strange way to do business, I will say. You should make it easy, not difficult for people to access your site. Please e-mail me with the information I need to set up our account. Thank you.

  30. gary r morgan says:

    hello, have a question. I purchased a bedroom suit from goods furniture and they opened an account thru ge capital, question, is this ge capital card good at other locations or just at goods furniture in Decatur,il.

    thanks. gary

  31. dolhi, margaret says:

    I want my account number, this web site does not help at all. Called 1 800 number and they also could not access my account #. I lost my bill. Very frustrating

  32. LaVergne E Wilson says:

    Read the bottom of this ad, you will see that they are not affiliated with GE Capital but are a privately owned and operated website.

  33. Hello,

    I have been on workman’s comp for 6 weeks having no income from a weekly paycheck as originally planned. What little income I have comes every two weeks, going to food. I should be back at work very soon. I will be receiving some money from my taxes and will be able to catch up on my payments for December through March. Thank you very much. Please stop the computer phone calls all day.

  34. Roger J Wolf says:

    I’m tryin to get a payoff on my account in case I decide to pay it off,so how would find out what the payoff is. Thank You,Roger J Wolf.

  35. Roland Garza A. says:

    I love “Care Credit” but the place of business I was manipulated to use was terrible.

  36. Would like to enroll in eBill. Thanks.

  37. like to know how to pay my bill online

  38. Leo says:

    For those of you on here looking for your CareCredit acc. Wrong site. Go to carecredit.com it’s sooooooooo much easier !!!

  39. OK Members the Name has been Changed
    I found this URL address to log into My Account
    Good Luck My Friends / Members


  40. noreen lee says:

    how do I cancel this card?

  41. noreen lee says:

    how do I cancel this credit card?

  42. Tony says:

    I want to see my acct. How?

  43. Liz says:

    mysynchrony.com is the new site

  44. Timothy Harris says:

    I need to postpone an automatic online payment. How can I do that?

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